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Dr. A.B. Vines, Sr. serves as Presiding Bishop of NSCGN.  He birthed New Seasons Church, in 2005 from a merge of two very different churches, each with their own long history of serving God. By stepping out on faith, we quickly became known as the small church doing ‘big’ things.

Under Dr. Vines leadership, over the past 15years, one church has grown into a global network of churches. Our Affiliates have embraced Dr. Vines’ teaching on transformed lives and community impact, and as a result are making a difference internationally.



Our Affiliate partnerships make us stronger and more effective for the Kingdom of God.

We are a network of Great Commission leaders and organizations that have a heart for our neighbors and constituents.  We realize that local partners can expand our impact and effectiveness.

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Partner with likeminded organizations to carry out the mission of making 1,000,000 disciples by 2030.



Partner with other Pastors and leaders in your NSGN Local area of Ministry. Collaborate and speak into the lives of other leaders through your area of expertise.  Expand your influence and effectiveness in your community. 

Connect with NSGN leaders and experts that will help you reach your target ministry. Learn proven techniques and strategies to reach your target audience.

We equip and support both you and your leadership team with the tools you need for growth and impact.

Equipping Resources

  • Free monthly live Coaching group

  • Free online Training

  • Free Templates & Tools

  • Free Partner Referrals


  • Training 

  • Conferences 

  • Consulting

  • Event planning 

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